Membership of the Chapter is open to all Royal Arch Masons, who have held the rank of Provincial Grand Steward and all such Companions are encouraged to join the Chapter. Such appointments are only allocated to those, who have demonstrated outstanding ability. It enables them to further develop their Masonic knowledge and demonstrate their commitment to the Order, prior to their promotion to more senior rank

tauIn addition, the Chapter is a working unit and seeks to Exalt Brethren who have not completed their Third Degree, but have achieved the rank of Provincial Steward in either the Craft or Mark Degrees. These Companions are encouraged to work their way through the progressive Offices of the Chapter in order to attain the Principal’s Chairs.

All the senior members of the Provincial Executive are either subscribing or honorary members of the Chapter and they all take an active interest in its activities - it is not unusual for convocations to be attended by all three Provincial Principals and the Deputy Grand Superintendent.

The “raison d’etre” of the Chapter is to serve the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent as required; to set an example of ceremonial and ritual excellence; and to enable the Provincial Executive to assess those Companions, who have the potential to become future senior Officers. In addition, the Chapter Lecture Team endeavours to increase the sum of Royal Arch knowledge by visiting other Chapters in order to educate and entertain their members.